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Woodsman Series Knives (Individual)

Woodsman Series Knives (Individual)

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The only knife set you will ever need. Cuts EVERYTHING with absolute precision

Heavy-duty strength knifes. At least 35,000 cuts (comparable knives only 11,500 cuts)

Unique product. Hand-crafted from high carbon steel and engraved to stand out

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Woodsman Series Knives (Individual)

Regular price $44.99
Regular price $44.99 Sale price
SAVE $-44.99 Sold out

The sharpest knife set you ever had

Each knife has the following properties:

  • Blade material: 7CR17 stainless steel
  • Handle material: Pakka wood handle
  • Hardness: 60±2 HRC
  • Sharpening: both sides (bread knife excluded)
  • Grinding angle: 15°
  • Stainless: Yes
  • For left and right handers: Yes

Types of Knives Included

  • Chef knife
  • Santoku knife 7“
  • Nakiri knife
  • Filleting knife
  • Bread knife
  • Yanagiba knife
  • Santoku knife 5“
  • Small utility knife
  • Storage box

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At Wyldware, our goal is luxury kitchenware to as many kitchens as possible. Incorporating both modern as well as ancient techniques, we are masters of our craft and can't wait to bring our chef knives into your kitchen.

We know you'll love your Wyldware knives for years to come - making a difference in the quality of lives of our customers is what makes us do what we do.

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Care instructions

Keep your knives in top shape with a little regular care!

Washing and drying by hand ensures a clean blade after each use.

Good quality knives don't go in the dishwasher!

Make sure you use a proper cutting surface such as wood or plastic and follow proper technique to increase safety.

Keep your blades safe when not in use by storing them in a knife block or holder of your choice.

Also, don't forget to sharpen and oil them occasionally - it makes all the difference.

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Why are our knives are so sharp?

Indestructible Heavy-Duty Knives

While most knives in our price category struggle to hit 55 HRC, ours go above and beyond, hitting an extraordinary Rockwell Hardness Rating of 60-62 HRC.

It means that they stay sharp longer, handle heavy-duty chopping with ease, and are practically indestructible.

No more constantly sharpening your knives – these heavy-duty HRC-rated blades will last for generations

Why Our Knives Are So Sharp

All knives are closely inspected by an experienced blacksmith to check quality.

Our 15 blades are expertly sharpened on a Japanese water stone to ensure a flawless edge.

Then the blades are meticulously hand polished to ensure a superior cutting experience.

Knives are thoroughly tested which includes the paper cutting test.

What makes our knives different?

Attention to Detail

The beautifully engraved sharp high-carbon steel blade isn’t the only eye-catching element in our knife set… the ergonomically designed wooden handle adds a touch of elegance that will make family and friends envious!

It is the epitome of style and performance for the kitchen.

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What type of metal is the blade?

The blade is high carbon 7CR17 stainless steel and with a razor sharp edge.

Lets explain what 7CR17 means:

  • 7 : This is the carbon content. The 0.7% carbon content is important for both the hardness and the sharpness of the knife
  • CR: This explains the high chrome content. The additional alloy ensures a particularly high rust resistance in the finished blades
  • 17: This is the amount of Chromium content. An amount of 17%

7Cr17 offers good corrosion resistance, due to the amount of Chromium within the metal. It will withstand the test of time.

What does high carbon steel mean?

High carbon steel is the metal of choice for premium and professional grade kitchen knives. It is even used in the process of making the sought after Damascus steel.

The primary two components are carbon and iron. 

Carbon is what gives the exceptional durability, so the higher the content, the stronger the blade.

They last for very long periods of time, and some people believe them to be nearly indestructible. They also offer great edge retention, as their hardness ensures they don’t wear out as quickly. 

Why are sharper blades safer?

Dull knives are actually more dangerous than ultra-sharp blades. That’s because a dull blade requires more pressure and strength to make a cut, which means there’s a bigger chance the knife will slip and you’ll cut yourself.

A sharp knife makes easier, more accurate cuts, and is less likely to slip. Although still, take care always!

Why do sharper blades make better food?

If you cut with a blunt knife blade, the pressure you exert will destroy the structure of the food or change its consistency negatively. The smoother and cleaner the food is cut, the greater the final result.

How can I clean them?

For best results hand wash in the sink only.

The dishwashers intense heat will damage the finish on the wooden handle.

Will you email me when my order ships?

Yes, we will send an email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.

If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam/junk mail folder.