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Wilderness Series Damascus Steel Kiritsuke Knife

Wilderness Series Damascus Steel Kiritsuke Knife

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Your new favorite kitchen knife. With proper care these will last a lifetime, and breathe life into cooking

The SHARPEST knife you ever tried. Crafted from genuine layered VG-10 Damascus Steel.

Heavy-duty strength knifes. At least 35,000 cuts (comparable knives only 11,500 cuts)

Free Gift. Each knife has a FREE BBQ Grillmaster eBook

Join 156+ happy chefs who now enjoy the beauty and power of Damascus knives this week


Wilderness Series Damascus Steel Kiritsuke Knife

Regular price $119.99
Regular price $119.99 Sale price $239.99
SAVE $120 Sold out

Damascus Steel Care

You will be the proud owner of a Damascus steel chef knife, and whilst they provide incredible performance in the kitchen, they do require a little care.

Hand wash knives after use with warm water and a little soap. Dry them immediately and store properly - and they will last you a lifetime.

These are not standard stainless steel knives from the supermarket... care for them and they can become family heirlooms.

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Our shipping is free and tracked, please reach out to with any questions.

All orders are subject to 1-2 days processing time.

US customers: Expect 5-7 business days delivery time via USPS

International customers: Please allow for 14 business days

30 Days Risk Free

We are proud of the quality of these kitchen knives and what you to be satisfied with your purchase.

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. From the point you receive them if you are not happy with the quality you can contact to arrange a return and a full refund.

We strive to provide a great service and so we would provide this warranty for change of heart, manufacturing defects, breakages due to bad quality under standard usage. This warranty will not cover damage from improper use, poor care of product, or self-repair attempts.

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Transform Your Cooking Experience

The Kiritsuke knife comes with status. Often reserved for the top chef in the kitchen.

Every home kitchen needs at least one knife that you can rely on, that will make fast work of anything.

Buy it now, and breathe enjoyment back into cooking.

Premium Damascus Steel

Our knives are made with strong high-carbon VG10 Damascus steel, offering a great balance between sharp edge retention and durability; with a higher carbon content than other so called “premium” knives.

While most knives in our price category struggle to hit 55 HRC, ours go above and beyond, hitting an extraordinary rating of 60-62 HRC.

No more constantly sharpening your knives – these blades will last for generations

Beautifully Crafted Handle

The traditional Japanese inspired handle is ergonomically designed. Composed of burl wood with resin for durability and also eye-catching design. All topped off with a real turquoise ring.

It is the epitome of style and performance for the kitchen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
John Grosser
Beautiful and sharp

The sharpest knife I own at the moment. I like it a lot.

Gwen Meadows
Awesome Knife

Beautiful gift. My son cooks a lot and he loves it!

Joseph C.
Super sharp and usable now, long term to be seen

I can see it in the pictures, so I should have known better. The sharp tip at the heel of the blade will get you in the dish drainer if you aren't careful. The blade is plenty sharp and thin, great for dense foods like carrots or potatoes. It's a nice knife, we'll have to see how it holds up long term (ease of sharpening, how long it holds sharpness)

Jim P.
Good quality

I'm a chef, this is definitely an affordable great quality knife, the presentation and looks of it are amazing

Top quality product for a good price

Knife came sharp as a razor. Very good quality and amazing design. Very firm on the grip. The grip is not to long or to short is just well balanced. And a amazing chef knife for the daily routine.

Mario W.
Quality product

The knife is absolutely beautiful and laser sharp rite out of the box. Just got it today and haven't had a chance to use it yet but looking forward to it. I wouldn't be afraid to recommend these knives to anyone

I don't love the look, but it's very good

Thanks to the unusual handle design you'll either love or hate this knife. My wife loves it and I don't. I prefer something a little more traditional, but this ain't the hill I'm choosing to die on. As for the knife itself it's very sharp fresh out of the box, and after about a month of regular use I don't detect any difference in the edge. It has a nice weight and balance to it, and the shape of the bolster is great for my preferred pinch grip. If you like the look of the handle I'd happily recommend this knife. At this price the quality is well up there.


What type of metal is the blade?

The blade is 67-layers of high carbon VG10 Damascus steel with a razor sharp edge.

Damascus steel kitchen knives are some of the most prestigious and sought after knives in the world.

No knife will have the same pattern, and this uniqueness is what makes them a centerpiece.

When looked after, they will withstand the test of time.

What is Damascus Steel?

Damascus steel refers to the process of forging a knife using multiple layers of alternating steel that are folded over and over to create even more layers.

Often, you can make 10 normal knives in the amount of time it takes to forge one Damascus knife, depending on how complicated the pattern is - this is why they tend to be more expensive.

Damascus steel refers to the process of folding different types of steel, but it is important that strong types of steel are used to produce a good knife, which is why we use high-carbon steel.

High carbon steel is the metal of choice for premium and professional grade kitchen knives.

The primary two components are carbon and iron. 

Carbon is what gives the exceptional durability, so the higher the content, the stronger the blade.

They last for very long periods of time, and some people believe them to be nearly indestructible. They also offer great edge retention, as their hardness ensures they don’t wear out as quickly. 

Why are sharper blades safer?

Dull knives are actually more dangerous than ultra-sharp blades. That’s because a dull blade requires more pressure and strength to make a cut, which means there’s a bigger chance the knife will slip and you’ll cut yourself.

A sharp knife makes easier, more accurate cuts, and is less likely to slip. Although still, take care always!

Why do sharper blades make better food?

If you cut with a blunt knife blade, the pressure you exert will destroy the structure of the food or change its consistency negatively. The smoother and cleaner the food is cut, the greater the final result.

How can I clean them?

For best results hand wash in the sink only and dry immediately.

The dishwashers intense heat and time spent in water will damage the blade.

Will you email me when my order ships?

Yes, we will send an email when your order has been placed and another when your order has been shipped.

If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam/junk mail folder.

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